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The drawing itself is 6x8", but is drawn on an 11x14" piece of archival paper. Once framed, the drawing is 15x18".

A little about my Observing Green series...

“In the past 50 years human beings have emitted carbon at a rate that exceeds the emission levels of our prior existence combined. Couple this with mass deforestation, and increasingly acidic oceans, there’s plenty of evidence that we are disrupting ecological systems around the planet at an alarming rate.” – One With Nature

Inspired by the diversity of the Canadian landscape, I have dedicated my Observing Green series to preserving its vast beauty. Working from photographs collected in my travels, I devote hours translating these vistas in the traditional medium of black and white pen and ink. Recounted in painstaking detail the resulting drawings are then catalogued in the fleeting world of instant gratification on Instagram (@observinggreen). I'm interested in exploring the polarizing combination of the frequency at which people regularly snap and post landscapes on their Instagram accounts today and the permanency and antiquity a traditional pen and ink drawing lend to the documented vistas.

A portion of the proceeds made from each sale of my original drawings and prints will be donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). In recent years, the NCC has acquired and protected 12,000 hectares (29,000 acres). These habitats not only conserve biodiversity, they also sequester carbon dioxide by storing a substantial amount of carbon in each unique ecosystems’ biomass. By protecting these lands, opportunities are provided for ecosystems and species to adapt to climate change and help mitigate threats such as flooding and drought. This program creates protected homes for many of Canada’s endangered and iconic species, such as grizzly bears, mountain caribou, plains bison and more. To date the NCC has helped to protect habitats for more than 198 assessed species at risk.

At a glance
Artist member
since 2018
Laura Heaney
Toronto, Ontario
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Medicine Lake - Jasper, ON
  • Drawing / Print
  • Pen & Ink on Paper
  • 8" x 6"


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